Visas Avenue Consistently Improvise its Service Quality based on Clients’ Feedback & Interest

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Any organization part of service industry needs to continuously improvise and enhance its services to remain first choice for its customers. The entities which keep working on obsolete trend and phenomenon lose their place from clients’ good books. As they say customers are the base on which your whole business stands, hence, happy customer happy times are there in your organization.

Visas Avenue being the leading Visa and Immigration Consultancy Service in India, has followed this golden rule all through its journey. Client first has been the success phenomenon of VA team since its existence, which have produced great results for the group over the years.

Adapting new practices for its clients

The management at Visas Avenue pays utmost attention and care about the client feedback, advice and opinion received through different channels. The VA customer care team done excellent job over the year in terms of filtering the client feedback received through different sources and making consequent plans to cater to the requests and advices from the customers.

Now, there are two key aspect involved when you pay attention to client feedback. Firstly, it makes your customer feel good, when you listen to his requests and opinions. This is the most crucial thing to achieve in client service industry. Second and most important thing is improvisation of your service standard.

Improvising services based on Client Feedback

The customers are best process gap finders and quality analyst of your services. If you listen to your customers attentively, you don’t need to make a separate team to find and bridge the process gap. Listen to the customers, note down their feedback, and take appropriate action to work upon the received feedback and advice.

Follow these basic rules and see the results. You will find that your team has done wonders in terms of enhancing their service standards and winning the faith and confidence of the customers in no time.

Dedicated team for collating feedback

It’s crucial that no feedback and advice from the customers go unnoticed. Hence, the responsible team has the responsibility to collate the feedback, advice, and opinions received through different social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, etc. and make a list of suggestions and process gaps (if any) received from the customers. The view, advices, feedback and opinions are also received through walk in customers, emails, phone calls, etc. The concerned team also segregate the feedback to different sections for convenience of the team that will work on the same.

Now, after the gathering all such data, it’s time to forward this to the Process Excellence department, which cautiously go through all the received feedback and suggestions and accordingly prepare ground for bridging process gaps or introducing new segments in the process for its betterment and excellence in the interest of client and also the organization.

If you also have any suggestion or feedback for Visas Avenue customer care and process excellence team, you may send it to e-mail id- You may also speak to our representative by calling at Toll Free Number- 78-18-000-777.  

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