Visas Avenue Follows a Strict Policy to Discourage Fraud incidents

Ethical conduct and behavior of any organization decides the growth and development of its clients, business and of course profit. An ethical company with no incidents of fraud, misconduct, scam, etc. on the other hand, a company which has been popular for wrong reasons in the past, bound to see decline in its clients as well as in the business.

Visas Avenue being a top and trusted Immigration and Visa Documentation Consultancy Service in India, pays utmost care an attention about following the ethics in client service.

Visas Avenue following a strict policy against visa fraud

Visas Avenue has taken multiple steps in last few years for Visas Avenue review and assessment. Right from junior staff to senior staff members, each and every team member here goes through a proper background check.

  • All the staff members at Visas Avenue are hired after the back ground check to make certain that no one has history of visa scams or fraud incidents, etc.
  • All the staff members dealing with the clients have to go through proper training session conducted by the training department. The idea of this training session is to make the members aware about the type of visa frauds, and how to discourage such practices complying with the company policy against the same. They also learn from the trainers how to keep the client’s information and documents safe and confidential.
  • Team members dealing with the clients, sign an agreement form with respect to keeping the clients’ data and information safe and confidential.
  • Visas Avenue has got a clear cut and precise well documented Anti-Fraud policy in place, which is being diligently followed by all the staff members.

Monitoring the Adherence of Visas Avenue Anti-fraud policy

The quality and process excellence department keeps a close eye on the working and operations of the team, i.e. all the team members are adhering to the company anti-fraud policy or not. This helps to make certain no Visas Avenue complaints regarding the same in future. Visas Avenue sets very high standards of client service and process excellence since its inception.

This is the reason that Visas Avenue demand is consistently going since its existence. Visas Avenue register thousands of client visits every day in its Visa consultancy offices across the country as well as on its websites and other online platforms.

You can bank upon Visas Avenue for your Visa Application

If you are an immigration applicant looking to apply visa in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK, USA, etc. countries, you may bank upon Visas Avenue for your visa application process. Visas Avenue is a leading and registered Overseas Immigration Documentation Consultancy Service in New Delhi, India with its branch offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

To enquire about Visas Avenue antifraud policy, or speak to the immigration expert for any query regarding immigration or visa process, you may call on on Visas Avenue Toll Free Number- 78-18-000-777. Alternatively, e-mail your queries to Visas Avenue e-mail id-

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